27–Jul, 2019

First press presentation of the III International Congress on Forest and its Potential for Health

Can Jordà (municipality of Santa Pau) hosted, on July 22, the first presentation to the press of the III International Congress on Forest and its Potential for Health that will be held from October 7 to 10, 2019 in Girona and La Garrotxa (Catalonia-Spain).

Brief summary of the presentation (in Catalan)

The press conference was attended by a wide variety of personalities, who highlighted the opportunity offered by the Congress for the creation of complicities and synergies between the different public and private actors, and the revitalization of the Garrotxa.

(From left to right) Mr. Eduard Llorà, President of Turisme Garrotxa Mr. Jaume Hidalgo i Colomé, President of Sèlvans Mrs. Marta Subirà, Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability at Generalitat de Catalunya Mr. Santi Reixach, President of the Consell Comarcal de La Garrotxa Mr. Pep Berga, Mayor of Olot.

Jaume Hidalgo i Colomé, president of Sèlvans, welcomed the authorities, delegates from the press and invited people who attended the presentation. During his speech he explained the origins of Sèlvans as a project on forestry funded by the Diputació de Girona, as well as the subsequent trajectory, until its constitution in 2017 as an entity with legal personality in the form of an association. He highlighted the mission of Sèlvans, identifying and guarding the most unique and highest ecological value forests, as well as valuing the various ecosystem services forests offer us.

He stressed that Congress is based on two agendas. The first, typical of a congress, which aims to update biomedical research on forest and its potential on health, as well as to create a meeting space for exchange knowledge and experiences. Among the activities of the Congress, He highlighted the forest field trip in La Garrotxa, and the organisation of different participatory dynamics.

The second agenda, more territorial, seeks to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that the organisation of a Congress of such relevance is offering for la Garrotxa and for Catalonia with the aim of generating a real positive impact at different levels- Among others, it is necessary to highlight: consolidate the Sèlvans method, establish a public-private fund to value the ecosystem services of these forests, foster an understanding between departments of the Generalitat, promote a forest diagnosis according to the different vocations of the forests, create the International Society for Forest Therapy and launch a proclamation in favour of the value of natural forest for society’s health and wellbeing.

Eduard Llorà, President of Turisme Garrotxa, stressed that Garrotxa is implementing the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism with the aim of valuing these natural spaces as a resource, of great economic potential, but also protecting these spaces and guaranteeing a sustainable management, so that current generations can enjoy them, but also future generations.

Pep Berga, Mayor of Olot, explained that a study has been carried out in the forest next to the Hospital de Olot, where people admitted to the Hospital participate in forest baths that generate health benefits. During his intervention, he reminded that during the inauguration of the therapeutic itinerary dedicated to Salvador Grau, he realized that this guide in the forests can serve as a reconnection tool with nature, especially for those people who for various reasons have lost this connection.

Santi Reixach, President of the Consell Comarcal de La Garrotxa, expressed the will of the Consell Comarcal to facilitate the contact with companies in the sector interested in the project, and to stimulate the territory.

The press conference ended with the intervention of Marta Subirà, Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability at Generalitat de Catalunya. She expressed the good judgement to organize the Congress in the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de La Garrotxa where, for years, the line of therapeutic forests has been worked on, line that it is expected to be promoted and extended to the rest of the country. The Department of Environment and Sustainability clearly recognizes the connection between nature and health, and therefore, it is necessary that society become aware of the services that forests provide us.

To conclude her speech, she stressed that the Parliament of Catalunya is working on a legislative proposal to create the Agency for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity. Although, forest management will continue managed by the Department of Agriculture, an agreement has been reached to co-manage the forests owned by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Agency; and also, to plan and order, by mutual agreement, the Network of singular, mature and evolving forests

Picture of the institutional representation in the garden of Can Jordà
At the end of the presentation, a small snack was served in the garden of Can Jordà.

Wrap-up video and PROCLAIM of the congress

30–Oct, 2019

While we continue to bring you the outcomes of the congress, we present to you a brief wrap-up video (with subtitles in English), and the “PROCLAIM of the III Congress on the value of the most natural forests for societies’ health and well-being”! Through THIS LINK you can download the “Proclaim of the III Congress […]

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Congress 2019: first confirmed speakers / early bird discount extendend until 31 de Juliol.

19–Jun, 2019

We inform you that registrations for the III International Congress on Forest and its Potential for Health, which we’ll hold between October 7 and October 10 in Girona and la Garrotxa, continue open. The event is organized by Sèlvans Association, the Network for the Conservation of Nature, and the Cultural and Natural Campus of the […]

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We have participated in the World Conference on Forests for Public Health in Greece

12–May, 2019

From 8 to 11 of May the government of Greece has hosted the World Conference on Forests for Public Health, in which we have participated through our President, Mr. Jaume Hidalgo i Colomé, and our Vice-president, Mr. David Merino i Parcet. Our goal has been to get an update on the last developments in relation […]

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Last call for registrations! Everything ready for the III Congress to be celebrated in Catalonia.

17–Sep, 2019

This past 16th of september we’ve presented the Congress to media at the premises of the Hospital de Sant Pau, a modernist masterpiece. The presentation has counted with the presentation of: Jaume Hidalgo y Colomé. President of Sèlvans Michael Lüdtke. Head of Comunicación of BioCon Valley GmbH, from the federated German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, host […]

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Organized by

Associació Sèlvans XCN Universitat de Girona

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Generalitat de Catalunya Obra Social Diputació de Girona Diputació Barcelona

In collaboration with:

Universitat de Girona Fundació Caixa d'Enginyers Turisme Garrotxa Turisme Garrotxa Girona Patronat de Turisme de la Costa Brava Ajuntament de Girona Ajuntament d'Olot Ajuntament de Caldes de Malavella Ajuntament de la Vall d'en Bas


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